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At maexadata, we make sense of the mega-exabytes-of-data!!! We use cutting data analytics technology & tools to process this omni-generating data and provide you with information. Our goal is turn your data to usable information to insights and then finally to intelligence; be it Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Supply Chain Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Click-stream Analytics, Cloud Analytics, IoT Analytics, Customer Decision Management, Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Sustainability Management. Have developed various Quantitative, Qualitative, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, Clustering, Moving Averages, Simulation, Decision Trees and Machine Learning models and various Hypothesis Testing.

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus II of Persia, commonly known as Cyrus the Great, and also called Cyrus the Elder by the Greeks, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire. Wikipedia

Born: 600 BC, Anshan, Iran
Died: 4 December 530 BC, Syr Darya
Full name: Cyrus II of Persia
Spouse: Cassandane
Buried: Tomb of Cyrus, Iran
Children: Cambyses II, Atossa, Bardiya, Roxane, Artystone

Cyrus the Great is unconditionally praised in the Jewish sources. It is likely that, after the Persian conquest of Babylon, Cyrus had commenced his relationship with the Jewish leaders in exile, and that he later was considered as anointed by God.

The Hebrew Bible states that Cyrus issued the decree of liberation to the Jews. Cyrus’s edict for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem marked a great epoch in the history of the Jewish people. According to Ezra 4:1-6 “the enemies of Judah and Benjamin” asked to help build the temple, and when this was denied hired counselors to frustrate the people of Judah from completing the rebuilding throughout the reign of CyrusXerxes (‘Ahasuerus’), and Artaxerxes, until the reign of Darius II. The work recommenced under the exhortations of the prophets, and when the authorities asked the Jews what right they had to build a temple, they referred to the decree of Cyrus. Darius II, who was then reigning, caused a search for this alleged decree to be made, and it was found in the archives at Ecbatana, whereupon Darius reaffirmed the decree and the work proceeded to its triumphant close.

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Table 1 – Contacts

SrCompany NameContact NameGenderAgeProductCategory
1Star TVNarendra  GandhiMale69Web Hosting
2Tata Sons TrustBawi  TataFemale32Domain Name
3Tamil Sarkar LLPJaya  LalitaFemale49Email Hosting
4Banerjee & ChatterjeeMamta GoshFemale59Web Hosting
5RelianceAakash AmbaniMale21All Services

Table 2 – IIP Data

Item DescriptionJul-15Aug-15Sep-15Oct-15
Basic Goods5.1597055.1376156.2238182.638037
Basic metals6.81287910.898669.5260447.349455
Capital Goods10.56231-3.620242.1929825.531915
Consumer Durables11.3626115.99811-3.920821.292091
Consumer Goods1.2842976.590773-2.134652.754821
Consumer Non-durables-4.614371.342282-0.860933.745072
Electrical Machinery20.93233-10.01662.88268213.14297
General Index4.2196533.779072.5099833.011002
Intermediate Goods1.5444020.7936511.2861742.338009
Mining & Quarrying1.290878-0.32762.314445-0.57096
Motor Vehicles7.9295158.593754.2138656.773455
Publishing & Printing -9.46548-11.4155-9.230776.088993
Rubber & Plastics Products-4.253110.1042751.4690985.604396
Tobacco Products-2.049628.679245-7.7173-25.7965
Wearing Apparel21.7226127.5884715.780149.925293
Wood & Products Of Wood10.4330720.9737810.351836.25889