maexadata - Welcome to the world of mega-exabytes!!!

Administration & Deployment

Somewhere between order & anarchy, you will find a SysAdmin who ensures that all wheels are oiled and the system is working.

With Big Data, the solution is no longer restricted to stand alone systems working in isolation, the solution is based on using Hadoop Clusters used for Massive Parallel Processing and Distributed Files Systems. Add to that the complexity of seamless integration of multiple tiers requiring  & support of physical servers, operating systems, virtual machines, application servers, web servers and databases across multiple platforms.

Scalability of your application is subject to the scalability of these components and hence it is not just important to maintain them but also to ensure that they provide optimum performance. However, doing this entails having expensive time and resources dedicated simply for ensuring uptime and throughput of your applications.

Allow maexadata professionals take care of the following in your organization

  • Application Deployment
  • Application Monitoring
  • Application Support
  • Incident Management
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Managing and Monitoring BOD / EOD Jobs

maexadata services cover but are not limited to the following platforms

  • Installation & Maintenance Of Windows / Linux Systems
  • Installation & Maintenance Of VMWare On Above Systems
  • Installation & Maintenance Of Hadoop Cluster
  • Installation & Maintenance Of Hadoop Eco System Components
  • Optimization Of Hadoop Cluster & Hadoop Eco System Components

We, at maexadata, recognize this challenge and hence offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to your infrastructure maintenance needs. We ensure that your software infrastructure is not only monitored but also updated and made to perform optimally at all times. Our SLA driven engagement models help you offload to us, the responsibility of providing your business with maximum uptime and throughput.